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Current Projects

Soil SamplingEnvironmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade (EJOLT)

EJOLT is a large collaborative project bringing science and society together to catalogue ecological distribution conflicts and work towards confronting environmental injustice. There are 23 universities and EJOs worldwide that are involved in this project. Costs of economic growth and development are dispro-portionately borne by the most socially and economically vulnerable sections of society...

Community MonitoringComminity Monitoring and Action Research

In 2010, the community monitoring project was setup to give support to the kayelekera community in karonga to be able to effectively monitor the actions of the Kayelekera Uranium Mine. The program has so far trained members of the different communities with special focus on Kayelekera community in skills such as observation, analysing and developing of action strategies. The participating members were also equipped with writing skills and organising small community...

Soil SamplingExtractive Industries and Transparency Intiative (EITI)

The EITI has a robust yet flexible methodology that ensures a global standard is maintained throughout the different implementing countries. The EITI Board and the international Secretariat are the guardians of that methodology. Implementation itself, however, is the responsibility of individual countries. The EITI, in a nutshell, is a globally developed standard that promotes revenue transparency at the local level. The EITI Rules establishes the methodology countries need to follow to become fully compliant with the EITI...

Malawi MinersMining Governance and Growth Support Project (MGGSP)

Government realizes that sustained export-led growth requires the strengthening and diversification of productive secotos, removal of binding infrastructural contraints and a supportive exchange rate management policy. The Government of Malawi (GoM) through the then Ministry of Natural Recourses, Energy and Eviroment now Ministry of Mining therefore, requested World Bank for technical assistance to support a mining sector reform programme. The Bank agreed to support the programme under the Mining Governance and Growth Support Project. The Project is being funded by an IDA credit from the World Bank and a 10th EDF grant from the European Union.

Oil AuditingLegal Auditing for Oil Auditing and Drilling in Malawi

One of Citizens for Justice-(CFJ) primary objectives is to ensure that the extractive industry complies with the international human rights principles and principles of ecologically sustainable development and social justice to ensure that necessary policies and practices are in place to protect public interest. As an institution, we have gained significant expertise in the application of the international human rights law and environmental protection principles to the extractive industry sector.