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Areas of Intervention

Extractive Industry Advocacy Campaigns

Areas of Intervention

The Malawi government’s strategy is to industrialize thus there is a promotion of the extractive industry in Malawi and some are calling it a resource boom. Currently there are two broad areas which is coal mining of uranium and Malawi is now home to twelve potential uranium mines all by Australian uranium mining companies which have no prior experience at all. One Uranium mining project by Paladin Energy is commissioned for commencement early 2009. Paladin’s Kayelekera Uranium mine in Karonga District in Northern Malawi is within a catchment area of a major river which is a source of domestic water consumption for over 190,000 people and this river drains into Lake Malawi, one of the world’s pristine water bodies. Concern is growing in Malawi and the region of the impacts of mining Uranium without requisite legislation on handling and transportation of radioactive materials. Further Malawi is home to more than ten coal mines run by local and international companies, lime and Lafarge the French mining giant is also in Malawi mining cement and lime. Oil and Gas has been discovered on Lake Malawi.

Way of implementation

  • CFJ will work to ensure that companies involved in the extractive sector respect the local lawsand any guidelines currently in place;
  • That MNCs abide by country of origin’s most stringent codes, international instruments like the equator principles, and respect for human rights
  • That MNCs are responsible corporate citizens in a way that their CSR and CSI policies are compatible with the needs of Malawians
  • That MNCs cannot come to Malawi and prescribe policies for our government, but rather that they are involved in a consultative process and that Malawians are part of the decision making process