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Areas of Intervention

Business and Human Rights Campaign

Areas of Intervention

“In 2006 the Managing Director of Paladin Energy Ltd John Borshoff said, "Australia and Canada have become overly sophisticated ... There's been an over-compensation in terms of thinking about environmental issues and social issues”, forcing companies like Paladin into Africa”. Melbourne Sun Herald, 3rd April, 2006.

Multinational Corporations (MNCs) maintain economic and political power, which often is used to gain influence but also violate rights of societies in the third-world countries including Malawi. These often exploit local labor, violate and undermine local policy and legal frameworks; use double but exploitative standards across different countries and their operations disturb livelihoods of indigenous communities without regard to their civil political and cultural rights. In the pursuit for profits some MNCs leave local communities with the burden of social and environmental damage and wastes.

Western and Chinese companies have ranked Sub-Sahara Africa as a top destination, arguing that the region is in tandem with good governance principles. The reality on the ground however is different; most Sub-Sahara African countries score poorly on the governance and rule of law index and the enforcement of legal and policy frameworks is almost non-existent. It is therefore important that the industry, Government officials and CSOs in the region are all aware of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights and the OECD Guidelines on Multi-National Enterprises.

It’s in that light that CFJ is at the core of debates on Business and Human Rights at a community, national, regional and international level to ensure that FDI furthers the realization of principles of equity, participation, empowerment, non-discrimination, accountability, transparency, rule of law and environmental sustainability

Way of implementation

CFJ will work within the framework of the UN’s Business and Human Right’s to advocate for;

  1. (a) State duty to Protect,

  2. (b) Corporate Responsibility to Respect and

  3. (C) Access to remedy for victims of Corporate mal-practice.

CFJ's Will

Create awareness of the UN Guiding principles on Business and Human Rights at the community, and nation level and contribute to regional and international debates; Hold multi-stake holder round-table discussions in how different key players can work together to foster the realization of the UN guiding principles on Business and Human Rights;  Conduct Research and produce human rights country portals as benchmarks for MNCs, Government and CSOs to utilize in advancing best practice; and  Network with international institutions and other key players involved the human rights and business discourse.